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May 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the Lewis Financial Newsletter for May 2010.

As always, we hope you find the following articles of interest.


An update on recent market turmoil: May 2010

I'm sure you have heard about the recent turmoil in the financial markets over the past few days, with significant falls in the Australian dollar and equity values across Australia and internationally.

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Time to bunker down....again

This article, written by Hillross Chief Economist, Brad Matthews, looks at the significant sell off on world equity markets during May.

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The Greek debt debacle

This edition of Oliver's insights looks at the Greek debt debacle.

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Asian shares in a secular bull market

This edition of Oliver's insights looks at the economic recovery in Asia

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Steamed pear and ginger pudding

Nothing beats sitting in front of an open fire or heater enjoying this delicious pudding.

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