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May 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the Lewis Financial Newsletter for May 2008.

In this month's edition we have included an article by Hillross Economist, Brad Matthews, which looks at the main factors that have led to rising food prices and the implications of the upward shift in food prices on inflation and investment in agribusiness.

We also look at three commentaries by Dr Shane Oliver. The first commentary analyses past and present Australian house prices, rental yields and what to expect in the year to come.

The second looks at both sides of the bowser in relation to rising oil prices, rising energy shares and the resulting impact on global and local economies.

Finally, the third commentary provides an update on the current position of the Australian Sharemarket and the outlook for the year ahead.

Our recipe this month is a Winter warming Lamb & Yoghurt Pasta Bake. Enjoy!

From speculation to starvation

Brad Matthews, Hillross Economist writes about how rising food prices have been a feature of recent inflation numbers in Australia, with the food component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rising by nearly 6% over the past year.

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The outlook for Australian house prices

This Oliver's Insights article examines the outlook for Australian house prices.

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Oil prices and the economic outlook

This Oliver’s Insights article looks at the latest surge in oil prices, which has taken them up to US$120 a barrel in the last week, well up from just above US$10 in 1998.

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Shares – is the bear market over?

Since the panic lows in mid-March global shares are up 15%, Australian shares are up 17% and Asian shares are up 19%. This Oliver’s Insights article looks at the issue of whether the rebound is just a bear market rally or whether it's the start of a new bull market.

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Lamb & Yoghurt Pasta Bake

A delicious warming Winter recipe!

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