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February 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to Lewis Financial's February 2008 Newsletter.

In this edition we have included a number of articles by Dr Shane Oliver, who is one of Australia's leading economists. The first article discusses some reasons for optimism, at least for the short term, as well as the potential threat of the Reserve Bank going too far with interest rate increases.

In light of the recent declines in Australian Shares, the second article analyses the question of whether the Australian housing market is set to boom as it did after the 1987 stockmarket crash and the 2000 bear market.

The third article discusses the risks facing the US/Global Economy and the outlook over the short and medium-term.

Finally, we have included an article by Hillross Economist, Brad Matthews, which looks at how non-US share markets have been outperformed by the US in recent months, despite the fact that the deteriorating US economy is seen as the catalyst for the global equity sell-off.

Our recipe this month is Mediterranean Chicken Bake. Enjoy!

Growing risks for the Australian economy

This Oliver's Insights article looks at the growing downside risks to the Australian economic outlook flowing from the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) increasingly aggressive stance on inflation and interest rates, as well as the implications for Australian shares.

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Are house prices set to boom following the share rout?

This Oliver's Insights article looks at the outlook for Australian house prices, specifically whether house prices might boom as they did after the bear markets inshares in 1987 and earlier this decade.

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How long the bear market – and what are the risks?

While further falls in share markets are likely and the next six months will remain volatile, we expect the US downturn and slump in shares to be relatively short lived. Things should be on the mend in the second half.

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Markets behaving badly

There was at least some logic to the correction in share prices around the globe over January, writes Brad Matthews, Hillross Economist.

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Mediterranean Chicken Bake

A simple one dish recipe. This aromatic chicken is sure to impress.

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