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February 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the Lewis Financial Newsletter for February 2009.

As always, we hope that you find the following articles of interest.

Minimum Pension Payments for the 2008/2009 Financial Year

Proposed changes to the minimum pension payments for the 2008/2009 financial year.

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The 'Robin Hood' recession

This month's feature article by Brad Matthews, Hillross Chief Economist, looks at the impacts of the current economic downturn.

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Falling debt and rising savings – how big a problem?

A key determinant of the severity of the recession in the global economy and in Australia will be the extent to which households in the US and Australia boost their level of savings in order to cut their debt levels. This edition of Oliver's Insights looks at these issues.

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A deliciously, colourful feast for your eyes as well as your tummy!

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