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June 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the Lewis Financial Newsletter for June 2008.

As always, we hope that you find the articles of interest. In particular, we have included a report on the key Financial Markets and Economies for the previous twelve months.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and also wish you good fortune in the new financial year.

Monthly Markets & Economies Report for May 2008

A review of the Markets & Economies for the month of May 2008 by Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver.

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Why relaxing inflation targets would be bad for investors

This Oliver’s Insights article looks at recent suggestions that Australia's 2% to 3% inflation target needs to be relaxed in the face of rising food and energy prices, and the implications of such a move for investors.

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The “Lehman” effect

Concerns over the plight of New York investment firm, Lehman Brothers Holdings, and the potential that other financial institutions are yet to make similar announcements, have exacerbated the recent weakness on world share markets already staggering due to record high oil prices. Brad Matthews, Hillross Economist examines this issue.

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Apple, Butterscotch & Fig Puddings

A 'mouth-watering' dessert. Enjoy!

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