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January 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to Lewis Financial's first Newsletter for 2008.

In this month's issue we have included an article by Economist, Dr Shane Oliver, which analyzes the likelihood of a US recession and the impact this could have on Australia and the rest of the world.

We look at a commentary by Hillross Economist, Brad Matthews, on the attractiveness of Australian Shares given the recent declines in the share market.

We have also included an article discussing 'Transition to Retirement' pension strategies and an article looking at diversification and the difference it can make for you and your investment portfolio.

Our recipe this month is Artichoke, Olive & Roasted Capsicum Antipasto. Enjoy!

We hope, as always, that you find the articles of interest. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Rising risk of a US recession – time for caution

A US recession is now a 50/50 call. While we think the cyclical bull market in shares has further to run, risk has increased and suggests a more cautious stance is warranted over the next six months.

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Australian shares – too cheap to sell

The recent release of December’s labour force figures serves as a timely reminder of just how strong the Australian economy has been.

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It's good to be 60

The new superannuation rules will mean your super is tax-free when you retire after your 60th birthday. The rules are also good news if you work past age 60.

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The importance of diversification

One of the most important decisions you can make in building or maintaining your wealth is asset allocation – that is, deciding which assets to invest in and how much to invest in each asset class.

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Artichoke, Olive, and Roasted Capsicum Antipasto

A delicious snack or entree for a summers day.

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