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July 2007 Newsletter

Welcome to Lewis Financial's July 2007 Newsletter.

In this edition we turn our attention to the upcoming Federal Election with Dr Shane Oliver, AMP'S Chief Economist, discussing how its outcome may impact investors.

We have included another article by Dr Oliver which looks at why investors should not ignore the rising focus on 'happiness' and how its pursuit can affect spending patterns over time.

We have also included a commentary on the rising costs of education and the importance of putting a sound Savings Plan in place to counter this. The article goes on to discuss some investment products and strategies which are often used for this purpose.

Finally, the recipe we have provided for you this month is Beef Casserole. Bon Appetit.

We hope, as always, that you find the articles of interest. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The upcoming Australian election and investment markets

The upcoming federal election has the potential to create short-term share market uncertainty.

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The pursuit of happiness

Happiness is now big business with articles and books churning out at a rapid rate.

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Be smart – save for your children’s education

The rising cost of education means that you need to put a sound savings plan in place when your children are young, and stick to it. However, many parents are unsure how to start or what product or strategy to follow, particularly when there are tricky tax rules to be aware of. Here are a number of options to consider.

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Beef Casserole

A warming hearty winter meal!

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