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April 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to Lewis Financial's April 2008 Newsletter.

In this edition we look at two articles by Dr Shane Oliver. The first article discusses how the 'credit crunch' is influencing yields on unlisted commercial property as well as providing an outlook for unlisted property versus listed property trusts.

The second article attempts to put negative investment returns into an historical context and compare returns of investors who follow a long-term diversified investment strategy with those who do not.

We also look at an article by Hillross Economist, Brad Matthews, on the Reserve Bank's changing approach to reducing inflation.

Finally, we have included an article which discusses some ways of managing debt.

Our recipe of the month is a delicious Ham, Zucchini and Carrot Fritter. Enjoy!

Commercial property values after the credit crunch

This Oliver's Insights article looks at the outlook for unlisted commercial property office, retail and industrial) yields and values in response to the credit crunch and the deteriorating economic outlook.

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Putting negative investment returns in context

This Oliver's Insights article looks at the slump in investment returns for diversified (superannuation) funds over the last five months, and the temptation many investors naturally have to switch to cash.

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The Reserve Bank grows some teeth

Our central bank has not been winning many public relations awards in recent weeks. There appears to have been a distinct change in strategy with the Reserve Bank now using its public comments and press releases to add to the efficacy of its monetary policy settings.

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Getting on top of debt

With interest rates at their highest level in 11 years and consumer spending at record levels, managing your debts can be a careful balancing act.

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Ham, Zucchini and Carrot Fritter

Packed with vegetables, this low-fat fritter is a great one for fussy eaters (big and little).

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